Adif has published an update of its app “Adif en tu móvil”, based on Elcano App that includes the new “Avisos a estaciones” functionality. This new functionality will allow to inform users about the incidents they detect in the stations managed by Adif, allowing a faster and more efficient resolution.

You can inform in a simple way, of any deficiency that you observe in a station related to: cleaning, water, lighting, elevators, ramps or stairs; as well as incidences of the passenger information system or in the commercial zones.

With this version you can also share the information of your train through instant messaging applications (whatsapp, hangouts, telegram, etc.), social networks, email, etc.; to inform your friends and family about your trip.

We have also included a direct access to the Adif Twitter account (@InfoAdif), so you can consult any type of incident or relevant information related with the rail traffic. Attending to the requests of our users we have included new functionality such as the possibility of customize the melody of the app notifications so you can easily differentiate them from other notifications. The Adif melody has been included so that you can be warned with the same sound as in the stations.

If you want to have more information, access the Elcano App section (