During the last weeks, actions have been carried out for the implementation of ELCANO as a passenger information system (PIS), in the Toledo, Ciudad Real and Puertollano high-speed stations attached to the “Subdirección de Estaciones de Viajeros Centro”.

This action is part of the actions agreed between the “Dirección de Estaciones de Viajeros” and the “Dirección de Gestión de la Circulación” with the main objective of offering users the best information available from train services.
Elcano platform, receives data in real time directly from the different traffic management systems of Adif (planning, regulation and signaling) and, automatically and centrally, adapts it and incorporates commercial data for presentation to through the different information channels (public address system, information panels and station monitors, mobile applications, etc.)

From a single centralized operation position located at Madrid – Puerta de Atocha Station, the information offered in the three stations is monitored, the operator user can interact directly with the system, if necessary, by rail traffic incidence or the modification of the commercial configuration.

Equally and in parallel with this action, the bidding process and adjudication of the technological evolution of the Elcano platform is being carried out, being focused mainly on the improvement of the information provided, as well as the implementation of new functionalities demanded by the users.