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Elcano App is the extension for mobile devices of the Elcano platform. It provides information in real time of the complete rail network, status of all circulations, their schedules and incidents.

It is available for the main platforms, iOS and Android.

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Thanks to the Elcano App you can have all the information about your trip, from the time you plan it until you reach your destination. You can know your schedule, incidents, updated real status, arrival time to your destination, services of each station.


You can know all the information of the trains that circulate through each of the stations of the railway network, no matter if they are commuter trains, long distance trains or high speed, Elcano App will provide updated information in real time on all of them, its departure and arrival times as well as its stop route.



Let’s know if there is a problem on the route you usually use or on the train you are going to take. Elcano App will inform you about it.

Help us to have the stations in perfect condition, if you see any damage in the station you can inform it and we will inform you when it is fixed.


You will always be informed thanks to automatic notifications. Subscribe to a journey or a train and you will know all the details, incidents and real timetables, so you will not have to be aware of the time.

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Share the information about your train among friends or family, so they can know where you are and what time you will arrive at your destination. If you are going to wait for in the station, it will be very useful.

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