Elcano DOMO

Elcano Domo

Keep everything under control

Elcano Domo monitors and controls all the devices of the station. It unifies the representation of the state of each device and sensor as well as the control thereof, allowing an efficient and simple operation, from a centralized control post.

Elcano Domo
Elcano Domo


Elcano Domo integrates a multitude of devices deployed by the stations: presence, temperature, fire, lighting sensors, alarm centers, bilge pumps, elevators, escalators, generator sets, electrical protections, access control, IP cameras … any device that can be monitored and / or controlled.


Elcano Domo can connect with existing SCADA systems using standard protocols by abstracting to the personnel in charge of the characteristics of each SCADA owner or of the controlled elements.

For stations with a limited number of signals, where the installation of a SCADA is not necessary, Elcano can also perform all the operations communicating directly with the devices.

Elcano Domo
Elcano Info

Intelligent use of information

Elcano Domo, being part of the Elcano platform, can make use of traffic information and in this way can perform actions on the station, such as opening or closing the station, controlling the lighting, activating alarms, taking into account the situation of the circulations and its real schedule. Elcano Domo helps you to optimize the use of the devices, helps in unattended stations and favors the efficient use of the systems.

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