Elcano INFO

Elcano Info

Information to the passengers in all stations of the railway network

Elcano Info is the module of the Elcano platform that provides information to passengers who are at the stations.

Elcano Info is able to send updated information on the status of circulations, schedules, steps, routes, and incidents to all stations of the rail network.

Elcano Info
Elcano Info


Elcano Info in addition to the information on the status of the circulations and the situation of the network, also allows the programming and visualization of advertising, corporate information, and warning and emergency messages.

System operation

It is a fully automatic system that allows the modification of the information that is provided to passengers to adjust it to exceptional situations.

You decide from which operational posts you will operate the system and which stations or zones control each operational post.

Elcano Info
Elcano Domo


Elcano Info is compatible with multimedia devices, LED panels, LCD monitors, LED walls and Public Address equipment.


To know if the information is being issued correctly, ELCANO Info has multiple functionalities, from the recording and control of the emissions made up to the detailed monitoring of each device.

The staff in charge of monitoring the system always knows the updated status of each device as well as the emissions that are being made.

Elcano Info
Elcano Info


Elcano Info is currently deployed in the Adif railway network, both in conventional line stations and in high-speed stations.

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