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Elcano APP is ADIF’s mobile application, commercially known as “Adif en tu móvil”, currently has more than 20.000 daily users, 131.000 monthly active users and 1.100.000 accesses to traffic information per month.

Elcano APP

Elcano APP en Fitur2022

This application has been serving travellers for more than 10 years and now it is time for a new, completely renewed version.

This new version has a design adapted to current trends and mobile devices, improving the user experience and focusing on the information most demanded by our users.

The main part of the new version is to provide real-time information on all traffic on the ADIF network, regardless of the railway operator, in line with the liberalisation of the rail market.

It provides new information on ADIF stations, including information on their services, commercial and leisure offers as well as the different activities that take place at the stations.

Elcano View therefore allows monitoring of both, the ADIF rail network and trains at different levels, and provides access to commercial information on each of them, all from a single point through web technology, which facilitates access to information.