At the beginning of November, work was completed to implement the Adif passenger information system, called Elcano, in the stations of Vinarós and Benicarló. This action is part of the Implementation Plan of the Adif Passenger Information System, agreed between the “Dirección de Estaciones” and the “DG de Circulación y Gestión de la Capacidad”.

Elcano platform receives real-time information from Adif’s traffic management systems (planning, regulation and signaling), adapts and normalizes it automatically and complements it with commercial data, subsequently distributing it through different channels for consumption ( public address system, information panels and station monitors, mobile applications, web, other systems, etc.).

From an operation software, Elcano allows remote and centralized management of station equipment, such as the supervision and editing of information offered at the two stations.

As a complement to the implementation process and in accordance with the Migration Management Plan foreseen to facilitate the transition to the new centralized management model, virtual training sessions have been carried out for the system operators users, which delve into both the system architecture, as in all functionalities of the operation applications, as well as in the specific operation for each of the two stations.

In parallel with the Implementation Plan foreseen for the coming months that includes another 100 stations, work is also under way on the technological evolution of the Elcano platform, focused mainly on improving the quality of the information provided, as well as on the implementation of new functionalities demanded by the end users and operators of the platform.