The “Dirección General de Circulación y Gestión de Capacidad” and the “Dirección de Estaciones de Viajeros” of Adif together with Elecnor-Deimos carry out the deployment of the Elcano system in 240 stations. This action is part of the Implementation Plan of the Adif passenger information system throughout its rail network, in order to provide quality information in real time to all passengers.

Elcano is the Adif’s passenger information system which has its intellectual property, being the responsibility of Elecnor-Deimos its design, development, implementation and commercialization. This system is designed so that it can be deployed in all stations of the Adif railway network in a progressive manner, providing service to different sized stations, number of passengers and number of daily rail services.

Elcano is currently deployed in stations of the conventional network although the necessary work is already being done for its next deployment in stations of the high speed network.

The mission of the Elcano system is to accompany the traveler by providing information in real time from the preparation of the trip to the arrival at your destination, to reach it Elcano have different information channels, such as mobile applications (“ADIF en tu móvil”) as well as the deployment at the station.

Thanks to this system, Adif brings rail transport closer to citizens by making its use more accessible, providing better, more updated and more transparent information, in short, improving the quality of service and making the use of rail transport more attractive.