Elcano View goes live

Elcano View is the elcano platform product in charge of monitoring the infrastructure and the movement of all trains along the ADIF network.

Monitoring and supervision is carried out by obtaining information from ADIF’s signalling and train dispatching systems. This information is processed by the system so that it can be represented in different views, each of them focused on a different type of user.

Elcano View currently receives real-time information from Elcano Rail, which is connected to all ADIF CTCs and train dispatching systems, both High Speed and Conventional lines. Another source of information for Elcano View is the commercial traffic information from Elcano Info.

Elcano View goes live

Elcano View has three views: CTC synoptic, reduced synoptic and geographic view. All of them show the position of each train as well as additional information on the commercial route of each of them, so that users can know in detail the commercial route from origin to destination, the audited and expected journey times, as well as the platform involved along its route.

In addition, each view has its own detailed information. The CTC synoptic view provides a detailed view of the state of the entire infrastructure, unifying the signalling representation standards for the entire ADIF network. The reduced synoptic view allows you to see the forecast arrival time and the arrival platform of each train at its nearest station, as well as information on the status of the passenger information systems and the train announces being made at each station. The geographic view provides a detailed graphic display of the route of each train from origin to destination, visually distinguishing the different types of trains according to the company and commercial product of each one of them.

The securitization of the system has been one of the important points so that there are specific mechanisms for assigning access permissions, both to the system and to the different views and levels of information accessible to each of the users, all from the centralised access control systems of the elcano platform.

Elcano View therefore allows monitoring of both, the ADIF rail network and trains at different levels, and provides access to commercial information on each of them, all from a single point through web technology, which facilitates access to information.