The last version of the app for mobile devices “Adif en tu móvil”, include new functionalities that improve the usability and the interactions with others applications.

Elcano APP

As main novelties, the arrival / departure views, train position and trains between stations allow the option of sharing them through instant messaging applications (whatsapp, hangouts, telegram, etc.), social networks, email, etc. ; and direct access to the Twitter account of Adif (@InfoAdif), to provide the user with any type of incident or information relevant to the rail traffic.

It has also been included as an improvement the possibility of customizing the melody of the notifications of the application so that the user can easily differentiate them from other notifications.

Finally, as a result of the collaboration between the “DG de Circulación y Gestión de la Capacidad”, the “Dirección de Estaciones” and the “Dirección de Comunicación” of Adif, the lower banner of the main page of the app has been provided with active functionality, allowing associate it with an internet address, being able to use it for any business need that may arise.