Adif enable a new Elcano support room from which it is possible to monitor the status of the entire Elcano platform and the information provided to passengers in real time.

Elecnor Deimos installs a new room in the offices of Adif dedicated to the support of the Elcano platform.

All the elements, systems, operation posts, stations and monitor devices that are part of the Elcano platform are available from this new room, making it possible to know the information that is being provided by each of the available communication channels, mobile, web, stations, …

The main objective of this room is to control the quality of the information provided by Adif to all passengers. In order to achieve this goal, the new support room has been equipped with connection to the more than 280 stations where Elcano is deployed, as well as to all the visual devices that display information.

The room is also equipped with devices for testing in Elcano’s pre-production environments. All this with the clear objective of provide the highest quality information to passengers and making the continuous improvement of the Elcano platform a success.